Hearing Aid Repairs – What To Do and What Not To

A hearing aid, just like any other device, may go faulty after prolonged use. For instance, one fine day, you may find that there is no sound at all, probably because of a clogged sound outlet. Likewise, with time, your device’s battery may get corroded, which in turn might lead to distorted sound. In any of these situations, it is highly recommended that you visit a good hearing clinic in Adelaide or wherever you are based, and get the device repaired by a professional.

Siemens hearing aids

Also, replacing the battery to address the problem of distorted sound is not something you should do at home, without proper knowledge of how to go about it.  In short, better leave it to professionals. It’s similar to going to a clinic for hearing assessments. While it may seem that you can assess the level of hearing loss on your own, what you might not realise is that you need an audiometer, which you are unlikely to have at home. You may not even have a soundproof both for that matter.

To sum up, just like assessments, hearing aid repairs are better left to professionals. For More Info Contact Us  08 8362 6099 OR reception@hassa.com.au


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