Save Money with Free Appointment and Discount Hearing Aids

At times, you may feel that you are not able to hear properly and might even try to figure out the reason on your own. Yes, earwax, noise and other reasons can cause hearing loss, but how can you be sure that your ability to hear has actually deteriorated? To find the answer, you must get a screening done, which may point otherwise and you might get to know that you have normal hearing. If the screening suggests that the loss is indeed evident, you can then take the next step and go for a full assessment. The good news is that you can have the screening done for free, provided you:

  • Are more than 26 years old
  • Are based in Australia
  • Can find one of the hearing aid providers that offer a free introductory appointment

Once you are done with the screening and the subsequent assessment, you may be advised to order a pair of hearing aids. While the device may not be available for free, you can at least save money. Look for discount hearing aids. However, when you choose one, make sure you do not miss out on the following:

  • The device must have the needed features
  • It should not interfere with your glasses
  • It should not be low on quality because of the low price involved
  • It must be recommended by a reliable audiologist

Discount hearing aids are the next best alternate to free solutions, which are only available to pensioners and veterans, as per the Office of Hearing Services’ directive.

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