2 Discount Hearing Aids That Are Backed by Extraordinary Features (Look Out for Bonus: Device #3)

Cheap or discount hearing aids are often thought of as devices that lack the features their non-discounted (read: expensive) counterparts are expected to have. For instance, it is said that they aren’t available in too many colours. Well, if you buy the Oticon Intiga, you have an extensive palette (one that includes natural henna, terracotta, chestnut brown and many more colours that are in vogue these days) to choose from, irrespective of whether you get discount on it or not. Oticon Intiga prices, if low or discounted, may also give you an impression that the device might be too big for anyone to not to see it from like a mile away.

Guess what – it is not. In fact, it is designed to fit so snugly inside your ear that even you may not realise that you are wearing a pair of hearing aids, leave alone someone else taking note of it. For that matter, even discount Siemens hearing aids debunk the myth that a cheap solution ain’t worthwhile. Take Ace for example, one of the most discreet hearing solutions from Siemens in its class. Of course, its price, low or high, doesn’t change the fact that it sits unobtrusively behind your ear.

Here’s another device that you may get for a discount, if you go to one of those hearing aid clinics that share ties with some of the leading manufacturers:

Nitro A device that’s known for its superior directional microphones, has a feedback canceller, and boasts of an ergonomic slim-neck design. Discount or no discount, it is one of the must-buy Siemens hearing aids. But of course if you get to pay less, there’s nothing like it.


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