The Downside to Buying Hearing Aids Online

Internet has its share of advantages, no doubt. You get to place the order in the comfort of your home, and may also enjoy privacy. However, there are no one-to-one discussions or comprehensive tests online, which are often necessary when you are buying something as complex as a pair of hearing aids. A website or an online provider may also not succeed in:

Meeting Your Individual Requirements

For you to get the right pair of aids, the provider must know about your lifestyle, and is aware of your medical history. However, it may not always be possible to furnish this information online. So, you are at the risk of getting a “generic” pair of hearing aids, one that may or may not do you any good. For a pair that’s in sync with your listening needs, you need to have a thorough discussion in person.

Determining the Cause of Hearing Loss

Did you know that too much earwax can interfere with your hearing? Or something as serious as a brain tumour may be the reason why you are having a hard time listening to others? When you buy hearing aids online, all you can find out is whether or not your hearing is normal.

Hearing Aids Online

Conducting Screening and Subsequent Tests

Even if the provider somehow manages to screen your hearing online, chances are that they won’t be performing any of the following tests, which are essential to figure out what kind of aids would suit you best:

  • Audiogram
    • Done to find out the type and degree of your hearing loss
    • Also useful in determining how well you can hear soft tones at various pitches
  • Speech testing
    • Conducted in both quiet and noisy backgrounds
    • Can measure how well you can hear
  • Loudness discomfort testing
    • Are you able to tolerate loud sounds? If so, to what extent?
    • The test may help the audiologist in setting the aids in such a way that such sounds do not cause any discomfort

To cut a long story short, it’s always good to visit a certified audiologist, especially if you want the pair of aids to deliver the best possible results.


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