Ear Care: All You Need to Know About Hearing Loss

Who doesn’t like music? Listening to music takes away most of your stress and kind of makes you feel good, reinstated. But, your music can be too horrifying for your ears if it’s too loud and for too long. Yes, too much exposure to loud music or noise holds the risk of damaging your hearing. Here, take a look at some common causes of hearing loss.

What Can Cause Hearing Damage or Loss?

  • Noise: One of the most common factors that lead to hearing loss is noise. Excessive noise exposure may not only increase the risk of damaging your hearing but can actually damage delicate hair cells in the inner ear giving you permanent hearing loss and tinnitus (head noises).
  • Injury or Trauma: Head injuries, skull fractures or injuries to the ear are another common cause that can deteriorate the function of the ear and lead to a sudden hearing loss.
  • Disease: In addition, an infection of the middle year, called otitis media or a middle ear infection, otitis externa and some other diseases, like Meniere’s disease, mumps, rubella, measles, and meningitis may have a negative impact on your hearing ability.

Moreover, some other conditions including malformation of the inner ear, aging, consumption of drugs and exposure to industrial chemicals may cause hearing loss.

 How to Prevent Hearing Loss?

Hearing impairment or problem may develop slowly without any symptoms and often can’t be treated. However, you can prevent the permanent loss of hearing by considering the following aspects.

  • Beware of sources of hazardous noises around you and your home, like fire crackers, music concerts and sporting events.
  • If you work in a noisy environment, like transportation, construction, factories or any heavy industry use hearing protectors, like earplugs or earmuffs.
  • On experiencing unusual symptom, such as tinnitus, immediately talk to your doctor about the same concern. In addition, there are several medical companies that provide free hearing tests or screening that you may attend to determine whether you have normal hearing or impaired hearing.

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