Buying Your First Hearing Aid? Here Are the Questions You Should Be Asking Before Your Purchase

A hearing aid can serve as a new pair of ears to those struggling with hearing loss, impairment and deafness. While even the most advanced model cannot entirely cure hearing loss or deafness or restore one’s hearing to normal, finding the right pair of device can go a long way to not just improve your ability to hear and communicate with people around you, but boost your self-esteem and enhance overall quality of life.

Depending on what style and brand you choose, your specific needs, the professional help your get and many other factors, selecting your first pair of hearing aid can an overwhelming experience.

To make sure your first hearing aid buying decision turns out to be a rewarding experience, here are three basic questions you should consider asking yourself and your audiologist.

Is your provider a licensed audiologist?

Finding the right audiologist is what affects most of your decisions associated with the selection of an ideal hearing aid whether it’s about getting optimum style and features or expecting reliable follow-up care.

Make sure your potential audiologist is not only qualified but trained and certified to practice audiology in the region they are located.   

Does your provider offer a variety of manufacturers choose from?

You would be surprised to learn that most of the reputable and promising hearing aid specialists and providers have only one or two brands to offer.

Being a responsible hearing aid specialist in Australia, Hassa offers its clients a wide range of popular hearing aid manufactures including Starkey, Phonak, Unitron, and Oticon hearing aids to select from.

What kind of features my device will include?

With medical technology advancing at a rapid pace, there are more innovative and digital features to support an even better range of operations. Directional microphone, digital noise reduction, direct audio input, rechargeable batteries, automatic volume control, and automatic feedback reduction some of the advanced features offered by manufacturers to suit specific hearing patterns and conditions. While more and more new and cutting-edge features are being introduced, sound quality should be the most important consideration for anyone.

In addition to these questions, it would be helpful to ensure if your provider accepts insurances, and offers warranty and follow-up care as well. Moreover, as mentioned above, choosing a professional and reliable hearing aid specialist will help most of your needs and decisions.


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