3 Perils of Untreated Hearing Loss That Are Deteriorating Your Life

“What?” “Could you please repeat yourself?” I couldn’t hear you.

How often do you happen to say these lines to people around you, people communicating with you in person or on the phone? Deteriorating hearing isn’t just frustrating and stressful but it can affect the cognitive abilities and health of an individual.

Not only the people with hearing loss but also those around them including family and friends have to suffer a lot due to one’s hearing impairment. When overlooked and left untreated, hearing loss can take a heavy toll on one’s lifestyle, mental health and social life.

Beyond deteriorated hearing acuity, there are many other ways hearing impairment and loss can impact people’s lives. Here are some of the most common consequences of impaired hearing and deafness that’s left untreated for a long time.

Poor Cognitive Health

Diminished cognitive function is one of the most noticeable significances of overlooked hearing impairment. People who are hard of hearing have to put extra effort to concentrate and pay attention to speech in their everyday environment, causing cognitive overload. By not using hearing aids and getting any other kind of treatment, the hard of hearing put themselves at a greater risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive declines.

Social Isolation and Mental Health Issue

Hearing long has long been linked with psychological issues. People with persistent hearing loss using no hearing aids are more like to isolate themselves from social environments, which in acute conditions leads to mental disorders like depression, paranoia and anxiety. Those hard of hearing often avoid social outings, events, gatherings and conversations, giving way to destructive personality changes.

Affected Spatial Reasoning

As people with impaired hearing suffer from social withdrawal, the lack of awareness of environment and social conversations can affect spatial reasoning. People who don’t use hearing aids, tend to lose their ability to understand speech and sounds in noisy environments and end up diminishing their spatial awareness.

Everything aside, relationships can come hard on people with affected hearing and those related to them. Also, quality of life is significantly affected when individuals don’t seek suitable treatment solution for their hearing condition.

The Bottom Line

So, if you know someone who’s suffering from hearing loss and avoiding treatment or you yourself are hard of hearing, it’s in your best interest to get your hearing assessed and treated by a professional audiologist right away. Getting your hearing loss treated as soon as you detect it, can save you a lot of health problems and improve your quality of life.


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