Hearing Care and Aids: Pack Your Bags for a Safe Travel

Travelling is all about fun and adventure no matter where you are headed. However, any travel be it a short road trip with friends or a family vacation out of the country, can be a bit demanding and stressful for the hard of hearing.

But it doesn’t certainly mean people with hearing loss need not travel often or go out at all in order for their own safety and convenience. In fact, all it needs is a little thoughtful planning and the hearing impaired are all set to enjoy their travel just as much as anyone else.

Here we have a few very helpful travel tips and considerations for the hard of hearing to land a safe and hassle-free outing.

What you might face on your day(s) out?

  • Difficulty in making or confirming reservations in the phone
  • Inability to hear or understand airline announcements
  • Unavailability of special hearing assistances like hearing dogs and sign language experts.
  • Trouble using hotel or public telephones
  • Inability to understand guides, enjoy performances and tour activities

Making arrangements carefully

  • Make travel and transport arrangements in advance and make sure you have written confirmation of your for your bookings. Also, inform the reservation or hospitality staff that you’re hearing impaired.
  • In case, you have stopovers in your journey, go for a flight with a longer layover so that you have enough time to go through gate change procedures and get to your next plane.
  • While picking seats, go for the one near the cabin stewards for easy and quick access to help.
  • Keep your eye on the display board to make sure you’re aware of the latest flight departure information.

A glance at packing essentials

  • Stock up on extra hearing aid batteries, tubing and also remote accessories. You can easily get spare batteries and other accessories from hearing aid providers.
  • Pack drying containers, protective cases, cleaning tools, extra wax guards to ensure a hassle-free hearing experience.
  • Make a list of all things necessary for your better hearing during your travel well in advance.

In addition, it is advised to wisely consider who will interact with like your accommodator and airport staff and how you will contact people in case of an emergency when planning your trip.

Not to mention, talk to your audiologist or hearing aid provider beforehand to learn more about hearing maintenance and care essentials while travelling.


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