Looks like Invisibility isn’t the Only Reason Why You Would Want to Buy IIC Hearing Aids

While a significant part of the global hearing impaired population has already been benefiting from hearing aids, many who are considering hearing aids to improve their quality of life have concerns about their appearance.

However, thanks to modern advancements in hearing aid technology, individuals with hearing loss or impairment don’t have to put up with large, bulky and clearly noticeable hearing aids. There are now “invisible” hearing devices that go completely unnoticed in the ear.

Don’t worry, no will notice.

While there is a wide array of digital and wireless hearing aid styles, progressively advancing hearing technology has introduced the smallest of the kind, invisible-in-canal (IIC) devices that shun all the concerns around the appearance of hearing aid.

Ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss types, IIC hearing aids are custom tailored to fit deep within the ear canal while being practically undetectable to others.

Benefits beyond invisibility

Aside from being discreet, there are a few more reasons why invisible hearing aids are becoming a more popular choice.

  • The nearness of the device to the eardrum affects the sound pressure level at the eardrum, causing the device to use less residual sound energy and be more efficient.
  • They offer natural sound quality owing to their close proximity to the eardrum. The device maximise sound travel and reduce ambience noise while improving the wearer’s ability to localise the source of sounds.
  • IIC aids cover a small portion of the ear creating less internal vibration and unnatural sound distortion.
  • They reduce the occlusion effect (where a person hears hollow or echo-like sounds of their own voice due to covering of a significant portion of their ear canal) to a great extent.

Why seek professional help?

Each individual’s ears are differently sized and shaped. Some people may have small ear canals that can’t accommodate the IIC hearing aid. Also, people with vision or dexterity problems may not be able to place the device in the right place in their canal and hence may not completely benefit from the device.

So, it is necessary to consult with your audiologist and see whether the IIC device suits your needs and is the most appropriate option for you.


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