Practical Ways You Can Improve Communication for the Hearing Aid Wearer Around You

Life is full of challenges and it doesn’t get any easier for the hard of hearing. Communication with and to a hearing impaired person comes so difficult.

Though hearing aids like Starkey and Phonak hearing aids have been a godsend to the hard of hearing, the advanced hearing device alone would not successfully help the wearer in all listening situations and environments. People around them need to be generous and caring enough too.

Those who have normal hearing can make listening and communication a lot more convenient for a hearing aid wearer in a number of ways. Here we have rounded up the most effective of them which will significantly improve communication and hearing aid experience of the wearer.

Let them have visual cues

Face-to-face communication is quite in favour of the people with hearing loss as they can largely benefit from visual cues in the same situation. You can improve visual communication to a great extent by optimising your face expressions and lip movements. The following are a few tips in addition to promote speech reading ad understanding for the hearing aid wearer particularly in adverse situations.

  • Keep hands away from your face while talking
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Face the hearing aid wearer directly
  • Avoid covering your mouth with anything like handkerchief and even heavy moustache or beard.
  • Avoid conversing from distant rooms
  • Do not talk with food or anything in your mouth.

Work on your speech

A speaker that mumbles or do not speak clearly will make it difficult for anyone to hear or read their speech regardless of their (listener’s) hearing. When interacting with a person with hearing loss produce clear speech not too slow or too fast, focus on your pronunciation, and pause several times to give the listener enough time to process what’s being said.

Reduce background interference

Background noises can make listening even more difficult for the hard of hearing. To converse in an area where you can avoid traffic noise, television or radio sound and other background noise disturbances. If you’re in a noisy environment that you can’t avoid like in a restaurant or at a party, make special effort to be clear and audible in your speech.

With these little efforts, you can make the hearing aid wearer around you indulge in less stressful communication and certainly improve your relationship with them.


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