Should Hearing Loss Be Blamed for Your Poor Psychosocial Health?

Hearing loss is not just the inability to hear your loved ones, enjoy your favourite TV shows or listen to your favourite music. If left untreated, the condition may put a lot more at stake than just your hearing ability and health.

Several recent research and studies show strong links between hearing loss and mental health. It’s been proved that untreated hearing loss certainly has a profound effect on the sufferer’s cognitive state, resulting in social isolation, depression, loneliness and anxiety.

Younger ones are more at risk

While coping with hearing loss can be difficult and frustrating for people of all age groups, young hearing-impaired adults are seen to be more affected by the problem in terms of psychosocial health than the elderly.

While mild anxiety and distress are considered usual part of life and do not interfere with normal social functioning, profound states of stress and depression may cause you to give up on daily roles and social chores. Thus, psychological implications resulting from hearing impairment could be more evident in younger adults than seniors.

Hearing aids to cope with loneliness

In 2015, a number of surveys were conducted on the hearing impaired to see if the use of hearing aids has to do with the improved mental health.

The results from these surveys showed significant changes in the emotional feelings and activities of people wearing hearing aids following 4-6 weeks of regular use.

So, the conclusion that researchers came up with was the use of hearing aid is effective in buffering against the experience of depression and loneliness.

The Takeaway

Considering the studies and surveys conducted in the past, it is clear that people with hearing loss who use hearing devices of any kind are more likely to be optimistic and engaged in social activities.

In addition, there has been no study till date that show any downside to wearing hearing aids. Most people who have tried or used hearing aids have only reported to have improved their quality of life.

If you know any adult or senior whose hearing impairment is contributing to their social isolation and depression, you can help them benefit from advanced hearing loss solutions like hearing aid.


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