The Impact of Hearing Loss on Your Lifestyle—Know the Major Causes

Have you ever experienced a buzzing sound in your ears after a party or a really loud concert? This condition is known as tinnitus which usually lasts until your ears get back to normalcy and re-adjust the sound levels.  If you are frequently exposed to loud music then you might become to a serious condition called Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). NIHL is most common among children these days as they are most exposed to loud noise in schools, their personal music system and the television sets making this problem even worse.

Experts believe that people nowadays are losing the hearing at a younger age because of the noise exposure. However, some people are born with hearing impairment.


What is Hearing Impairment and what causes it?

Hearing impairment occurs when person experience a problem in one or more parts of the ear. The hearing loss can be temporary or permanent depending upon the severity of the problem. Apart from awkward and distressing tinnitus, there are many other causes responsible for hearing loss:

Age– This is perhaps the most common cause of hearing loss. It’s a natural process and cannot be stopped, however with the help of hearing aids it can be managed

Genetics- Hearing impairment caused by genetics is because of DNA being passed on from the generations. Mutated gene if interferes with the hearing process might cause deafness. This even causes Teacher Collins Syndrome and Usher’s Syndrome.

Injuries- A trauma to the head, puncturing of the eardrum and improper use of foreign objects like cotton swabs or change in air pressure are few of the reasons behind hearing loss. The impact of these injuries can be temporary or permanent.

Earwax & Infections- Ear wax and infections can build up over a period of time if hygiene isn’t maintained, this leads to swelling or obstruction of ear canal and block the path of sound, thereby resulting in hearing loss. However, this condition is temporary and can be easily remedied.

If you experience a mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, visit the nearest doctor near you and consult an audiologist as you might be in a need of hearing aids. Hearing aids hold great potential to transform many lives.


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