Improving the Life of a Hearing Impaired Child at School

Hearing loss can put a school age child in a completely challenging situation. Performing classroom activities, learning new things, communicating with teachers and other children in class can be far more difficult for a hearing impaired child than other kids.

However, with the right support system and a well-though out education plan, the affected child can not only learn things without difficulties but excel in school.

Here are a few things that will make sure your child thrive at school despite his/her hearing impairment.

Team up with your child’s teachers

In order to ensure effective education for a hearing impaired child, parents must partner with the concerned teachers.

A teacher would act as a strong support for your child and thus he/she must know everything about them including their needs and conditions. The information you share about your affected child with the teachers can help them figure out how they can meet the needs of your child and educate them in an optimal way.

Include an Experienced Audiologist on the team

Not all teachers have experienced working with a child who is hard of hearing in the past. Dealing with an affected child for the first time in the classroom can be a bit challenging for such teachers.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a hearing specialist who can easily understand your child’s needs and help the teachers identify potential issues and accommodations that should be considered in order to create a suitable classroom setting for the child.

Create a Strategy

Once your child is ready to start school, you would want to meet with his/her teachers, school staff and audiologist together to put in place an Individualised Education Plan (IEP).

The strategy would include a thorough guide that explains everything from the type of condition, vital hearing terminology, hearing aids and technology to essential classroom and communication accommodations the child may require. In addition, the plan may comprise special academic services depending on the severity of your child’s hearing loss.

To End

In addition to these tips, you can always consult with your child’s audiologist, teachers and school staff to come up with effective strategies to help your child enjoy school and get everything they need at school.


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