Troubleshooting Essentials Every Hearing Aid User Should Be Aware Of

“My hearing aids don’t aren’t clear or loud enough.”

“My device is whistling.”

“I’m getting unclear, distorted sounds from my device.”

“My hearing aid is performing inconsistently.”

If you use an assisted hearing device, you might expect to be faced with such concerns or any other issues related to the function or performance of your device at some point of time.

In general, the very first thing that comes to your mind when you’re bothered by the function of your hearing aid is to call your audiologist for an appointment.  

However, we advise you to do a few things prior to scheduling a visit to an Adelaide hearing clinic, try restoring your device’s function by yourself if possible.

First, check if your hearing aid is turned off.

The device may have been accidently switched off. Turn it on off and then on a few times to make sure nothing is interfering with the switch.

Check and replace the battery.

Regular use of hearing aid can affect battery life and function. Try replacing the old batteries with fresh ones to see if the function is restored. If doesn’t make any difference, check the manual to make sure batteries are inserted properly.

Check the volume of your device and adjust accordingly.

Your might have set your device to low volume and forgotten or accidently moved the volume control to a low sound level.

 Inspect the receiver tube.

Dust and debris may build up around the microphones or in the tubing that connects the receiver to the device and block the path. Consider cleaning the pathway using the brush that came with your hearing aid cleaning kit.

Reset the device.

Different hearing aids have unique settings for different environments. If your hearing aid doesn’t seem to be working properly in specific environments, try resetting it.

In addition, if you continue to experience a technical issue even after ensuring all the above mentioned steps, we recommend you to take your device to one of the Adelaide hearing clinics to get it diagnosed and fixed by a professional.


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