Five Impactful Technological advances in Hearing Aid Technology

Nothing is constant. In an ever-evolving world we live in, technological development is happening at such a fast pace that is it extremely difficult to keep a track of all the advances. Amongst several medical sectors that have incurred significant technological advancements, the hearing aid department remains common.

Providing you a glimpse of what has changed over the years in the hearing aid industry, we have listed out five major hearing aid innovations that we could not have imagined a few years back.

Automatic processing of sound

As the name suggests, such a technology automatically adjusts sounds such that unwanted noises become unimpactful and softer sounds are simultaneously amplified to make them clearer. Hands-free automation makes this technology very convenient and user friendly.

Wind noise reduction

While indoors are still manageable, outdoor areas cause problems to those using outdated hearing aids. Newer technologies have taken into account the uncomforting noises of the wind and developed hearings aids that cancel or reduce them. Now users can enjoy a trouble-free outdoor experience.

Resistance to Moisture

Technological advancements have succeeded in making water-proof and water-resistant hearing aids. Consumers can choose from a wide range of water-proof aids or comparatively affordable water-resistant options that help reduce or prevent the damage due to excessive sweating or moisture, which can affect the device’s functioning.

Connecting to Apps

Nowadays, hearing aids can be linked to smartphones, computers, or TVs, just like earphones, only more sophisticated. They can be, therefore, used to stream audio directly to the hearing aid. Linking and syncing the hearing aid with smartphones and computers also allows customisation of hearing settings that can be controlled via various apps. These apps allow scanning the environment to detect various sounds and adjust them as by one’s own liking.

Fashion and comfort

Technological advancements focus on making existing devices more and more compact, light, and mobile. Hearing aid devices are now available in various shapes, sizes, colours, designs, etc. So, one can choose to hide them, or alternatively flaunt them. Moreover, in this panorama of choice, comfort is not sacrificed. Companies understand that comfort comes first and many even offer customised mould to prepare aids that fits your ear like skin.

This is obviously not the end. There are many existing and evolving technologies, but for now, we hope getting acquainted with these advancements will help your decision when buying hearing aids.

Companies are increasingly employing newer technological developments to serve their customers and provide them with highly efficient yet affordable hearing aids including the likes of Oticon hearing aids. Some Adelaide hearing clinics also provide free assessments and sometimes devices to specific age groups like seniors in order to contribute towards community spirit, support as well as technological development.


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