What to Do After Buying Your First Pair of Hearing Aids

So, you got your first pair of hearing aids. Congratulations!

You are about to improve your quality of life by enjoying sounds and experiences you had been missing out on due to impaired hearing.

But success with hearing aids call for a little patience and effort on the part of the user. Keep in mind that hearing aids require a short adjustment period for the user to get acquainted with their device and get the most value from their investment.

Here are some tips that will help you get used to your device and make the acclimation process as smooth as possible so that you can enjoy listening from your new hearing aids for years to come.


Speak with your hearing healthcare professional

Ask any questions and doubts you have regarding the use and function of hearing aids during your appointment. Inform your hearing practitioner in case you feel any discomfort or pain after wearing hearing aids. Advanced hearing devices can be modified to ensure comfortable fit and appropriate listening.

Be patient and cooperate

Hearing loss in most cases develops gradually over time. Since the sounds around you have been muted for years due to your hearing impairment, it can be a bit difficult for your ears and the brain to adapt to these sounds once you start wearing a hearing aid.

There could be certain unfamiliar noises that can sound overwhelming or louder when you are using hearing aids. Consider turning down the volume or move away from a noisy environment if possible until you get used to such sounds and your device.

Get into the habit of wearing hearing ads every day

A quick and effective way to get used to your hearing aid is wearing it every day, everywhere – in the church, theatre, auditorium, concerts or when on the phone. Also, position yourself toward the speaker while wearing hearing aids so that you can hear them clearly.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to seek help and support of your family, friends and people around you during the acclimation process.


The Last Word

The first few days with your hearing aids will decide whether you will continue to use your device or not. Keeping patience while following the abovementioned tips can help speed up the acclimation process and enhance your experience with hearing aids.

Moreover, to ensure a seamless hearing experience with your device, it is necessary to find the right hearing aids for your hearing condition. HASSA being one of the leading Adelaide hearing clinics, offers a wide range of discount hearing aids from popular brands such as Starkey, Phonak, Widex and Unitron. Consult with the expert team of HASSA to seek an optimal hearing aid solution and advice on hearing care.



Did You Know Your Untreated Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Brain?


“I didn’t hear you?”

“Would you please repeat?”

A person’s inability to hear can not only be frustrating for them but also for people around them.

Hearing loss has long been linked with isolation, stress, low self-esteem, failed relationships and poor quality of life.

However, new studies reveal that hearing loss when left untreated can have negative impacts on the brain. According to a nationwide survey conducted on 4000 people with hearing loss, individuals with untreated hearing loss were found to have considerably higher rates of depression and anxiety than the people using hearing aids.

A separate study also revealed a link between the acuteness of hearing impairment condition and the risk for cognitive decline, also known as dementia in clinical terms. When compared to people with normal hearing, individuals with mild hearing impairment were twice as likely to develop dementia and those with moderate and profound loss were three and five time more prone to develop the cognitive disability.

So how exactly does hearing loss affect your brain function?

The strong correlation between untreated hearing loss and development of disease like Dementia and Alzheimer’s that the brain’s ability to think, perceive has been proved factual through several studies now.

hearing loss

When you’re listening to someone, the auditory area in the temporal lobe of your brain receives nerve impulses from the sound that gets into your ear and converts that auditory information into a spoken language that you understand. In case of people with untreated hearing loss, the brain has to work harder to process degraded incoming speech signals while compromising cognitive functions like thinking and comprehending.

Expert Recommendation

Besides all these serious effects, hearing loss is treatable.

Hearing care professionals generally recommend adults to get their hearing tested each year and look for suitable hearing aids if there hearing is impaired. Being proactive about your hearing condition can help you save yourself from stress, isolation and any potential mental disability.


HASSA offers a fine range of hearing aids online including the most advanced of devices like Audeo B, binax, LiNX2 and sound lens Australia wide. Contact HASSA today for a fee hearing assessment and a reliable treatment for your hearing loss.

Is Buying Hearing Aids Online a Safe Option?

If you landed on this blog, you probably are thinking about buying hearing aids from an online retailer.

Buying things online has become more of a convenience than a trend. That said, it comes as no surprise that hearing aids are being sold online and a lot of people prefer to choose this option.

Well, there are potent reasons to justify online purchase of hearing aids. Let’s have a glance:


Just as with any other products, buying hearing aids online is easy and convenient. You can order the desired device from the comfort of your home or office, having it delivered to your doorstep without having to go anywhere – pretty tempting a prospect, isn’t it?



Another considerable benefit or reason for buying hearing aids online is competitive prices. While there are other charges to consider such as shipping costs and VAT, there would still be lucrative deals to go for.

Make a smart choice

Of course, prices and convenience are two significant reasons to buy hearing aids from an online retailer, the online purchase still might not end up to well for some customers; reason being lack of online research.

No matter how tempting the first offer you come across online is, you must not settle for the first deal you find. There are a myriad of retailers who sell assistive listening devices from renowned brands at favourable prices. Do extensive research while looking for customer reviews about your potential retailer before making a purchase.

Seek professional help

Besides online research, it is important to consult with your audiologist before your buying your device. The expert consultation is paramount to creating a personalised yet hassle free listening experience. An experienced hearing professional can help you not only find the best solution for your condition but make the most out of your investment with essential hearing care advice.

The Downside to Buying Hearing Aids Online

Internet has its share of advantages, no doubt. You get to place the order in the comfort of your home, and may also enjoy privacy. However, there are no one-to-one discussions or comprehensive tests online, which are often necessary when you are buying something as complex as a pair of hearing aids. A website or an online provider may also not succeed in: Continue reading “The Downside to Buying Hearing Aids Online”

Here’s why the Disadvantages of Buying Hearing Aids Online Outweigh the Advantages

Usually, one shops online to save time and money. However, one may not be able to enjoy these advantages while buying hearing aids online. That’s because the most suitable pair of aids can only be bought after conclusive tests and proper assessment, which can only be done in person, at a hearing clinic and take time. Some clinics conduct an online screening, but they are unable to find the exact cause of hearing loss. So, you may be handed over the same pair for hearing impairment caused by too much earwax that you would have gotten otherwise, for a more serious problem. Continue reading “Here’s why the Disadvantages of Buying Hearing Aids Online Outweigh the Advantages”