Troubleshooting Essentials Every Hearing Aid User Should Be Aware Of

“My hearing aids don’t aren’t clear or loud enough.”

“My device is whistling.”

“I’m getting unclear, distorted sounds from my device.”

“My hearing aid is performing inconsistently.”

If you use an assisted hearing device, you might expect to be faced with such concerns or any other issues related to the function or performance of your device at some point of time.

In general, the very first thing that comes to your mind when you’re bothered by the function of your hearing aid is to call your audiologist for an appointment.   Continue reading “Troubleshooting Essentials Every Hearing Aid User Should Be Aware Of”

Hearing Aids Need Some Precautions

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In relationships, hearing loss really turns exhausting, frustrating and tough at times. It often causes misunderstanding and confusions while communicating. Hearing loss if left untreated for long results in isolation, depression, emotional and physical disturbances. Continue reading “Hearing Aids Need Some Precautions”