Did You Know Your Untreated Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Brain?


“I didn’t hear you?”

“Would you please repeat?”

A person’s inability to hear can not only be frustrating for them but also for people around them.

Hearing loss has long been linked with isolation, stress, low self-esteem, failed relationships and poor quality of life.

However, new studies reveal that hearing loss when left untreated can have negative impacts on the brain. According to a nationwide survey conducted on 4000 people with hearing loss, individuals with untreated hearing loss were found to have considerably higher rates of depression and anxiety than the people using hearing aids.

A separate study also revealed a link between the acuteness of hearing impairment condition and the risk for cognitive decline, also known as dementia in clinical terms. When compared to people with normal hearing, individuals with mild hearing impairment were twice as likely to develop dementia and those with moderate and profound loss were three and five time more prone to develop the cognitive disability.

So how exactly does hearing loss affect your brain function?

The strong correlation between untreated hearing loss and development of disease like Dementia and Alzheimer’s that the brain’s ability to think, perceive has been proved factual through several studies now.

hearing loss

When you’re listening to someone, the auditory area in the temporal lobe of your brain receives nerve impulses from the sound that gets into your ear and converts that auditory information into a spoken language that you understand. In case of people with untreated hearing loss, the brain has to work harder to process degraded incoming speech signals while compromising cognitive functions like thinking and comprehending.

Expert Recommendation

Besides all these serious effects, hearing loss is treatable.

Hearing care professionals generally recommend adults to get their hearing tested each year and look for suitable hearing aids if there hearing is impaired. Being proactive about your hearing condition can help you save yourself from stress, isolation and any potential mental disability.


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