Music and the Hard of Hearing: How is Your Music Listening Experience?

Music cause emotions and feelings and has been seen by people as a means to energise, relax and inspire themselves. But what about the hearing impaired? Are they able to enjoy their favourite music with hearing aids?

No, listening to speech is not actually same as listening to music with hearing aids. These devices are designed to improve an individual’s (with hearing loss or impairment) understanding of speech in everyday environments and not specifically programmed to process music similarly. Continue reading “Music and the Hard of Hearing: How is Your Music Listening Experience?”


Breaking Free from Common Myths about Hearing Aids

Hearing loss has been a common medical condition, especially among the elderly. While the advances in auditory technology has introduced a wide array of hearing aids including the likes of Starkey, Phonak and Oticon hearing aids, many people out there are still concerned about hearing loss and uncertain the use of hearing aids.

The fear and uncertainty with regard to the look and feel different types of hearing devices offer, prevent people with hearing impairment or loss from getting the right treatment for their condition. Continue reading “Breaking Free from Common Myths about Hearing Aids”

2 Discount Hearing Aids That Are Backed by Extraordinary Features (Look Out for Bonus: Device #3)

Cheap or discount hearing aids are often thought of as devices that lack the features their non-discounted (read: expensive) counterparts are expected to have. For instance, it is said that they aren’t available in too many colours. Well, if you buy the Oticon Intiga, you have an extensive palette (one that includes natural henna, terracotta, chestnut brown and many more colours that are in vogue these days) to choose from, irrespective of whether you get discount on it or not. Oticon Intiga prices, if low or discounted, may also give you an impression that the device might be too big for anyone to not to see it from like a mile away. Continue reading “2 Discount Hearing Aids That Are Backed by Extraordinary Features (Look Out for Bonus: Device #3)”

Save Money with Free Appointment and Discount Hearing Aids

At times, you may feel that you are not able to hear properly and might even try to figure out the reason on your own. Yes, earwax, noise and other reasons can cause hearing loss, but how can you be sure that your ability to hear has actually deteriorated? To find the answer, you must get a screening done, which may point otherwise and you might get to know that you have normal hearing. If the screening suggests that the loss is indeed evident, you can then take the next step and go for a full assessment. The good news is that you can have the screening done for free, provided you: Continue reading “Save Money with Free Appointment and Discount Hearing Aids”